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In honour of all those who fought in World War Two and for those who have dedicated their lives to keeping our world safe since then, we are launching our special Veteran weeks, for retired ex-service-men.

The Chateau was occupied by German soldiers from 1941-1944 and liberated by U.S. Soldiers from the 4th Division on 21 June 1944.  The soldiers were all billeted on the 2nd Floor, which has remained untouched since then.  Names of both German and U.S. soldiers are still visible on the doors and some of their lockers are still in the bedrooms.

We had the pleasure of hosting GORUCK last year for the 75th Anniversary of D-Day and it was wonderful to welcome back the first 4th Division soldiers here since the Second World War.  (Click here to see video of visit and Pointe du Hoc trek).

I share a particular family pride for WW2 soldiers, as both my father, Colonel Ray Newton and grandfather fought in World War Two. 


My grandfather, Jean Morel was part of the Maquis in Glieres, Haute-Savoie and received a medal for his part in the resistance movement who liberated his home town of Annecy 

So on this 75th Anniversary year, we wanted to remember all the brave soldiers and give something back to those who fought for our freedoms.  Hence the initiative behind our Veteran weeks. 


We hope to welcome you to our Chateau and share our rich history and yours.

Click the link, to sign-up to our mailing list, so we can advise you of dates and availability.


We will be launching these weeks in the coming year, where will host veterans for a week at the Chateau de Montvason.  The week will include tours of key D-Day sites, Sainte-Mere Eglise, Utah, Omaha beaches, talks by local historians, WW2 metal-detecting on the Chateau grounds and a celebration Veterans party.

We will be screening WW2 films in the evenings and those more-able-bodied may actually be 'billeted' in bedrooms occupied by soldiers during the war


£800 per week for single room

£1400 per week for double room (2 sharing)

£1800 per week for large bedroom (3 sharing)

Click link to sign-up to our mailing list, so we can advise you of dates and availability.

(All prices include B&B,)

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